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Moderator Policy -What you can expect from us.

Moderator Policy -What you can expect from us.

Postby spottygiraffe » Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:49 am

Your Moderators on A Matter of Horse are Candy (Mike), Cheval Blanc (Helen), Trudi and spottygiraffe (Sarah). Our screen names appear in green. We aim to keep the forum running smoothly and above all to ensure that it is a happy place to be for all of our members. If anyone has any concerns, complaints or problems then please contact one or all of us via personal message. A Matter of Horse is your board and we would like to hear your views and be there to support each and every one of you. General discussions about the forum can be posted on the board itself to invite the opinions of all A Matter of Horse members.

The keystones of our moderator policy are objectivity and consistency. In order to keep the confidence of our general population of users, we aim to make sure that any actions we take are consistent and defensible. We are operating to the following guidelines:

1. Self-Edits and Deletions. Users have 2 hours to edit or delete a post. After that, they are no longer able to modify posts themselves. This is so that historical posts are constant and can be quoted/referred to reliably. Moderators will also adhere to rule where their own posts are concerned.

2. Moderator Objectivity. Moderators will not take action on a topic in which they are actively involved unless there is something clearly and seriously wrong (such as pornographic images). If a Moderator finds themselves becoming angered or upset by a topic then they will ask someone else to moderate that thread.

3. Editing a Post. Most usually done to remove bad language. In such a case, the deleted section will be replaced with [Censored], the edit reason will be filled in at the bottom and a warning will be issued. What constitutes bad language is obviously very subjective. We appreciate that people do swear, but we ask you to avoid what are widely considered to be the strongest swear words and to consider the appropriateness of the more mild ones before using them. If you are offended by any language that you read on the forum then please let one of us know.

4. Deleting a Post. This is a very rare remedy. Rather than deleting a post we will normally move it into the Moderators’ private area and warn the user.

5. Locking a Topic. Again, this should be exceedingly rare. If we feel a topic is getting too contentious or personal then we will lock the thread and then put a message at the bottom explaining why. Warnings might be issued to certain contributors. A topic can also be locked if a discussion is becoming heated but is also just going around in circles. Warnings are not usually issued in such a case and the lock will not be put in place by someone who has participated in the topic.

6. Deleting a Topic. Usually only for Spam and no warnings will be given for that. Any other circumstances would be truly exceptional and would be discussed by all of the Moderators before the deletion was carried out. Topics might be temporarily moved to the Moderators’ forum whilst under discussion.

7. Warnings. If a topic has to be locked, edited or deleted, the user(s) in question will be issued a warning with an explanation. These warnings are logged and expire after 60 days. Any Moderator who might feel too involved will ask another Moderator to step in.

8. Bans. Once a user has several active warnings, they will receive a ban. After 3 warnings a 6-hour ban will be issued. After 5 it will be a 7-day ban. A permanent ban will be issued after 7 warnings. Again, if any moderator is too involved then they will get someone else to intervene.

We want our members to feel safe and content and to have confidence in us as Moderators. Communication is a two-way street so if you have any issues, ideas or suggestions over the way in which the board is being run then we want to hear from you. We want you to enjoy being part of this community and we believe that the way a forum is moderated is fundamental to achieving this.

You can play your part as members by speaking freely yet respectfully, avoiding any comments that could be considered too personal and by moving on from any debates that appear to be going round in circles. As the welcome message on the forum Portal explains, we ask for all of our members to be active and to post regularly, rather than just reading and rarely commenting. We would especially like to encourage members to support each other and show an interest in each other's blogs when possible. Like any forum, the more you put it the more you get out, so happy posting everyone!
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