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Uploading photos...

Uploading photos...

Postby Chevalblanc » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:05 am

To put pictures in a post using the [img] thingy you need to have uploaded them elsewhere on the web first, I use Picasa (it's free) as that's where my blog images go. So you go to the image in your Picasa album, make sure in the Actions, Album Properties bit you have chosen public or anyone with the link, then select your photo, click on links to this photo (to the right of the photo about halfway down the page), then check the image only no link box, select the image size (medium works best) then copy and paste the gobbeldygook code (it starts with https://googleusercontent) next to embed image between the [img] brackets on here.


If anyone else uploads to another online album and would care to explain how it works, please add to this thread!

The other way to do it is to click on the upload attachment tab below, then browse to the file, upload it, and once it's uploaded click place inline....but the file needs to have already been resized to around 600 pixels wide or it won't fit on the page.

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