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Ready to start Dut working

Ready to start Dut working

Postby FlorayG » Thu May 26, 2016 2:16 pm

Back from my holiday and ready to go. Dut has had 6 weeks to settle and be a normal horse and make her friends in the field so now I want to start with her but TBH I've never done this before - all my previous horses came to me as practically babies and so were very different. Dut already has it in her head that humans are great in the field for scratches and stuff but once you are caught then you just have to do what you are told until it's time for feed and turn out again. She's not nasty about any of this just a bit...resigned.

So suggestions to re-start her please. I want to engage her enthuisiasm for being with me and doing stuff. She is already broken to ride but I want to forget that. I want the first time I get on her to be something she will be proud of.
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Re: Ready to start Dut working

Postby Trudi » Fri May 27, 2016 7:32 am

Helen is great with babies and does lots of walking out with them etc

I would think of starting the more 'school' based stuff with some free shaping at liberty so that she gets the idea that work is about thinking through things for herself rather than always being fully 'directed'. It will also help you work out how she learns best.
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Re: Ready to start Dut working

Postby JennieF » Fri May 27, 2016 12:29 pm

What about taking her out 'ride and lead' with your other horse ... so she can see the surroundings without constant 'guidance' - its a great way of teaching youngsters to think about where they are putting their feet and might get her more interested ...
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Re: Ready to start Dut working

Postby Chevalblanc » Fri May 27, 2016 2:40 pm

I like giving them stuff to think about that they may not have come across before. OK, in our case it's often a bow and arrows :wink: but I mean things like a gym ball or a brolly etc. Some horses actually end up playing with things like that so sometimes it can mean they associate being with humans with pleasant things rather than just work.....

I always do ride and lead with mine, even if they are old enough to be ridden, it gives them stuff to think about without having to worry about someone on their back. We also take them out for walks in hand fairly often and stop and let them graze occasionally on the way around so they are always happy to get out and about. We like to go exploring in the woods and go up and down piles of stones and over the stream and different terrain, good for proprioception. I remember Ali once had to let go of Sky's lead rein down a really steep bit, and she was really happy that Sky waited for her at the bottom instead of heading back down the track to the farm and the other horses :-D

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Re: Ready to start Dut working

Postby spottygiraffe » Mon May 30, 2016 7:36 pm

Sounds like the very first step would be to bring her in and do the things she loves in the field...the scratches and the general human contact. Take her into the schooling area and do the same. Just make her comfortable and happy and then she will tell you how quickly or slowly you need to progress. It might be that you have her tacked up or with a rider on board in one session or it might take a bit more time. If she's ready for a bit more of a stimulus then I'd either do some in-hand work or set up some 'handy pony' type obstacles to play with.
Sarah x

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Re: Ready to start Dut working

Postby FlorayG » Wed Jun 01, 2016 8:04 am

I already take her for walks. It's going to be a bit difficult to lead her from Kitty as they dislike each other ( I don't think that's because of me I think it's because Dut has stolen Kitty's boyfriend :evil: )

I might get out some balls and things, although she is four she still likes to play with stuff and investigate with her mouth
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